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Welcome to SeneGence!

 SeneGence, one of the top skin care/cosmetics companies in America, with subsidiaries in Canada, Australia, and 14 other countries worldwide and can boast over 500 million in revenues and is debt free.

SeneGence offers a career that works as well as Long-lasting makeup and cosmetics that really work!

SeneGence™  =  SENSATIONAL patented cosmeceutical technology.

Experiencing  a full line of makeup that  is "all day"  semi-permanent & water resistant ! Foundation, Blush, Concealer, Shadows, Brow color and Lips too! All your makeup will STAY until you take it off! (use Fooops water-proof makeup remover)

Anti-Aging skin care...that really works and does what it says it will do!

SeneDerm™ Skin Care is a cellular renewal system that offers Guaranteed results. Products that work! Products that give you confidence! Products are concentrated and  "pocket book" friendly! 

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Our 20th Anniversary - April 2019